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Simplest way to build token gated communities

Simplest way to build token gated communities

Finding it difficult to talk to your token holders in the noise of discord? Want to discourage flippers & give perks to those who HODL?

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Become a token gated community today

Token enabled

Create exclusive channels in your discord server for your token holders

Connect wallet

Encourage your members to link on-chain and social activity for perks

Deeper member

Analyze the tokens your members hold to optimize your marketing strategy

How does it work?

Step 01

Add Intract Bot to your discord server

  • Simply sign up on Gate3 and add our bot on your discord server to get started.

  • Intract automatically creates a wallet verification channel
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Step 02

Set up your token & NFT gates

  • Choose the role you want to assign to your holders
  • Add the token or NFT address, along with the min/max required
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Step 03

Encourage members to connect wallets & that's it :)

  • Members just need to connect their wallet through wallet verification channel
  • Once verified, see all your connected wallets & their holdings
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Brands like Adidas, Gucci, and The Hundreds are finding tokens are a great way to reward their superfans.
Now it's your turn.
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